It’s early 2019 and I’m in the process of shedding my skin. I’m still fairly young in this whole ceramics process and am finding big changes in myself and inspirations every year. This is a time for renewal, and quite frankly, I’m tired of my old pieces. There’s a make it and never look back kind of process always going on with me, with many artists I assume.

This year I’m working hard on developing a variety of marbled porcelain pieces and colors early on so I can plan for this monumental year.

To start, I just applied for West Coast Craft in SF, something I hadn’t considered until I met the owner this past December. I’m usually okay with working slowly toward my goals, so the validation felt great and I’m excited about the prospect of being exposed to a greater audience…fingers crossed!

On top of that I’m aiming to sell within major markets, I’m also getting MARRIED! I literally made myself an engagement ring while I’m getting my actual proposal ring fitted. I’m happy to bring that to you all, check out the affordable glass mounted marbled porcelain rings if you’re in need of something similar. It’s important to wear something on that finger loud and proud, we’ve worked so hard for it, right?!

In addition to wedding planning, West Coast app and larger market goals, my fiancee and I plan on buying a home! I mean, it’s an all out adulting type of year. My major goal in home searching in and around Oakland is to find something with a backyard where I can build a workshop.

Keep your eyes open for more of my progress.

Brooke Dawson